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Alitex Greenhouses

July 15th 2022

Keeping Your Greenhouse Cool in The Summer

The scorching summer heat can be an ideal environment for growing under glass if done correctly. Alitex greenhouses provide the ideal setting during the summer for a wide variety of plants and flowers but knowing how to properly care for, and utilise your greenhouse is the key to success.

Alitex shades in use greenhouse blinds being operated


At Alitex, we go against the industry standard and fit our blinds to the exterior of the greenhouse. Albeit unusual we know that exterior blinds provide a higher probability of sun repellence as well as interior temperature regulation. Interior blinds mean the glass is exposed to direct sun and can result in a much warmer greenhouse. Fitting them to the exterior provides complete protection from the sun, ensuring temperatures within the greenhouse are kept controlled.



Vents are key for temperature regulation and on the vast majority of Alitex greenhouses, the roof vents and lower vents will be on opposite sides. This provides more chance of air circulation, with a path of flowing air travelling through the greenhouse from one side to the other.

Find out more about keeping your greenhouse cool in the summer in the video below.