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Bonkers For Conkers

October 24th 2015

It’s Conkers Season – Get your game on!

Conkers has been played every Autumn for generations. Once a playground favourite, recent reports have suggested that the art of conkers is dying out.

However, according to Discover Scottish Garden’s recent survey, a surprisingly high number of children will still be playing conkers this autumn. 63% will be getting out and enjoying Autumn’s favourite outdoor game.  But the numbers have notably declined over the years, with 84% of adults stating that they played conkers when they were young.

This might be explained by the fact that our survey reported that 20% of children are ‘too busy’ to play conkers. Schoolwork aside, what could be more pressing when the sun is shining and the conkers are ripe?

To help children get out and about in the fresh air this season, and prepare for their Autumn battles, Discover Scottish Gardens has put together a handy guide to conkers.  As an organisation with member gardens all over Scotland – and many of the country’s top conker spots, we felt it was our duty to help.  In our guide we share all the fun facts, rules, tips and tricks to help kids (and grownups) along the way. Find out about the ins and outs of conkers, and what the best cheats are. Use our handy tips to reintroduce Autumn’s best outdoor game and bring back the time when we were all #bonkersforconkers