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February Botanic – Poem

A reflective poem written by a gardener from Inverness Botanic Garden:

February Botanic 

Between the wintery showers

Spring advances to take this place.

Snowdrops, crocuses, irises out

Witch Hazel’s bloom surround us

Together with the scent of viburnums.

Landscaping of Orchard in full swing

Demolition of the old friends done

To give space for new glasshouses.

Rise beds of Woodblocks outside

have new pals of Quick-blocks inside.

Huge pruning in Tropical house gives

Lihgt in the dark season, stimulating new

growth, Amaryllis showing off their best.

Preparation for Nursery, time to grow

The town’s makeup of flower displays.

You are most welcomed to come by.

To enjoy, to see, to admire,

to support, to relax, to have a break,

to help or to learn. In Botanic Garden

There are flowers and live everyday.