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Garden of the Season – Willowhill Garden

April 1st 2019

Willowhill Garden opens in the spring in a blaze of colour:Euphorbias (in particular palustris, polychroma and fireglow) and emerging foliage of shrubs and herbaceous perennials provide a lively back drop to daffodils and a range of tulips creating a dramatic and sometimes shocking display of colour.

The use of different colour combinations in different parts of the garden is one of two main design features.On the north side there is a circular lawn enclosed by mixed borders of shrubs underplanted with bulbs and perennials where planting concentrates on pale pink, blue, purple white and lemon colours blending into burnt orange, chocolate and purple-red planting.

From here, paths lead to a vegetable plot laid out in rectangular beds. On the south side of the house a gravel path meanders through beds overflowing with plants in a palate of primary colours, red, blue and yellow. This area is backed by a stone wall through which a gateway leads to a long hot border packed with orange, magenta purple and acid yellow plants opposite two more recently developed areas containing borders of bulbs, roses and perennials.

The spring garden has many varieties of hellebores. Shrubs at the back of borders are underplanted withHelleborus x hybridus(Ashwood Evolution Group)which hold theirheads up for all to see even at the back of deep borders.The pale shadesstand out against the dark earth.

The second main design feature is the fit with the surrounding landscape – there are few straight lines in this garden! Sweeping paths through and around borders provide a sense of travel to a large wildlife area planted with trees, bulbs and herbaceous perennials through which wide sweeping paths are mown leading the eye to the open countryside beyond.


Telephone: 01382 542890

Email: [email protected]

Opening times: Saturdays in April 10am – 4pm; also by arrangement for individuals and groups.

Admission costs: £5pp (accompanied children under 16yrs free)