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    The beautiful and historic Ellon Castle Gardens is set right in the heart of Ellon. While the old Ellon Castle dates back to the 15th century, the Gardens reached their current size in the early 18th century and in their time, were some of the finest in Scotland. They contain a unique collection of ancient English yews thought to be at least 500 years old. However, in more recent times, the structures and horticultural elements within have been allowed to fall into disrepair and neglect.
    So far we have … tamed 30 years of neglected vegetation; installed drainage and utilities throughout the gardens; made safe all the garden walls; and in 2019 we planted up the western border, opened to the public, rented an office in Ellon and acquired the Deer Park.

    There's no better way to clear your mind and find some peace than by taking a walk amongst nature. The Ellon Castle Gardens have provided such respite since 1715, although until recently the garden was a secret, all walled up and invisible even to the town's residents!

    There's an abundance of wildlife to spot here, from red squirrels and bats to buzzards and bees. Enjoy the ambiance of the ancient English yew trees as you absorb the history around every corner. You can even explore the ruin of Ardgith Castle, which dates right back to the 1400s.

    See the sun shimmer across shaded pathways, meet the various volunteers on-site, all with stories to tell, and come away rested, thanks to all that nature! Just keep it quiet, huh? It can still be our little secret.



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    The support we get from members and volunteers is vital to the future success of Ellon castle Gardens. Membership fees allow us to cover some of our operational costs and volunteers are helping to restore the gardens to their former glory. We encourage everyone to get involved, so please think about how you can contribute by becoming a member, a volunteer or a donor.

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    Opening Times

    Saturday: 13.00-15.00 Sunday: 13.00-15.00

    Dates closed

    Closed Monday-Friday.

    Admission prices

    Adult: £4.00


    Café / Restaurant Car park Wheelchair access Pushchair friendly Dog friendly


    11 The Square
    AB41 9JB


    01358 747346
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