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Scottish Garden of the Season – Rossie House

August 4th 2017

The trees at Rossie dominate the garden. Many were planted over three hundred years ago and one particularly fine oak was reputedly planted by Charles II.

The gardens have been nurtured over the years and now hold many unusual trees and shrubs. The ground is packed  with  bulbs from snowdrops and winter aconites through to chinadoxia, scillas, narcissus, bluebells and trillium and then summer Martegon lilies.

Burns run through the garden culminating in a pond which hold a plethora of primula and other water loving plants.

Paths meander through the woodland over bridges and the experience is designed to be a romantic wander with surprises.

Intimate gardens close to the house have a more Mediteranean planting of yuccas, lavender, agapanthus, lilies, sweetpeas and penstemon for late summer interest.

There are sculptures by David Annand and Nigel Ross to admire and a topiary theme of Alice in Wonderland to amuse the visitor!