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St Andrews Botanic Gardens

August 3rd 2022

St Andrews Botanic Gardens is undergoing far-reaching changes as it continues with an ambitious programme of regeneration. It has pulled down its old glasshouses and it is developing ‘The Tangled Bank’, an area of grassland and seaside habitats where it is nurturing native species.

The garden has a new focus on sustainability, research and conservation and in June, a walk was arranged around the garden with curator, Dr Harry Watkins and Curator Beccy Middleton, explaining the exciting developments that are underway.

The walk is part of a wide programme of activities that are taking place in the garden throughout the summer, including a Garden Explorers’ Kids Club and a Family Fun Day.

st-andrews-walk with-garden-team

The garden is a green oasis in the very heart of St Andrews, with meadows, lawns, woodland, a huge pond and a large collection of rare and unusual plants. As well as a team of professional horticulturists, the garden is also supported by volunteers and all money raised from ticket sales goes towards its upkeep, however there is free entry on the first Friday of every month.

St Andrews Botanic Garden


St Andrews KY16 8RT